devanagari regular font

Devanagari Regular font download

Mangal devanagari font download: Devanagari font is a very popular hindi typing font that is used for many purposes from the ancient times till now. It is one of the oldest writing scripts adopted in the world with 120+ languages.

Mangal devanagari font download

It is the left to right writing script based on the ancient northern brahmi script and similar to the many south asian scripts like Bengali, Gujararti, Gurmukhi and many others. It is an abugida script that means consonant and vowel sequences are written as a unit .

Users who are searching for the free devanagari regular font can easily avail the devanagari font from the below available download link.

Evolution of Devanagari script

The evolution process of the devanagari script begins with Proto-Sinaitic detailed processes are discussed below.
Parent systems: Proto-Sinaitic > Brahmi > Gupta > Siddhaṃ > Nagari > Devanagari

Information about devanagari regular font download

  • Font Name- devanagari regular font
  • Font style & weight- devanagari regular normal
  • File size- 20.2kb
  • File format- Zip file
  • Font type- TrueType

Devanagari regular font

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